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Quick Weekend Check-In; Testdriving New Products: Electro Delytes, Skratch Hydration Mix and FlipBelt!

2013-06-22 10.52.14

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Early AM run with my favorite Auburn running buddy KBC; nice way to start the weekend.  A nice 7 miles before the humidity and heat of the day set in.  Passed by “Bad Tiger Drive” on the route.  Runners, please don’t make the mistake of thinking Auburn, AL has no hills.  It do 😉

Other than my delish Hazelnut Dunkin Donuts coffee (black), my fuel and hydration for today’s run both came straight from my June StrideBox.


I tried out a piece of Electro Delytes while I was getting sunscreened up and ready to head out. Found it to be pleasantly tart, but not too sweet.  I hadn’t seen it on shelves yet or even heard of the product before.

I really like citrus, so this was a hit with me for 55 calories (per piece; there are 2 in the package).   I wrapped up the remaining piece for another run, but came home and found that The Hubs had already made it part of his breakfast!  He liked it too, and he tends to be more “sweet sensitive” than me (i.e., finding a food/drink too sweet where I wouldn’t).   Definitely tasted more like “dessert” than “breakfast,” so I’d be more likely to use this product before an afternoon or evening workout.

My Electro Delyte went really well with my hydration selection for this run,  Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix in Lemon-Lime.  I already owned  their outstanding cookbook The Feed Zone Cookbook (purchased from my favorite tri shop, Pro Cycle and Tri).  I also follow their blog; you’ll find some really good tips if you are looking for real food options on the run, bike and for recovery.  My triathlete friends love their “portables” food options easily carried in a bike jersey or munched during transition on a brick workout, and I too have liked the recipes I’ve tried so far.   Great photos and athlete commentary throughout.

IMG_6944 IMG_6946

Also a bit of new gear on this run.  I used my new FlipBelt, which I won courtesy of the lovely Courtney at Eat Pray Run, DC.   If you haven’t checked out her excellent blog, stop by and give her a follow.

I was really excited to try out the FlipBelt.  I hate the bounce of a standard running belt, but like to have some items (emergency cash, my key, my phone, etc.) on me at all times….and sometimes a GU or other fuel if it’s a longer run.  While I’ve been using a TuneBand for my phone — which is the best armband I’ve found — the hot and humid summer days make a rubber armband a bit more uncomfortable.   So I stuck it all in the Flipbelt and plugged in my Yurbuds to listen to my “Guilty Pop Pleasures” Playlist. (I sang a bit and apologized to KBC when I did; she laughed and shrugged.)

On today’s inaugural jaunt, the FlipBelt worked like a charm.  I never felt the belt moving or bouncing around on me; all my gear stayed nice and secure.  When I wanted to change the playlist I was using, I had no trouble maneuvering the belt to grab and pull out my phone, and the rest of the gear stayed where it was supposed to.   All in all, a big win.  I’m definitely going to pick up another color so I can rotate them out while one is in the laundry hamper.

If you’d like to try and win a FlipBelt yourself, new blogger friend Lace and Race is doing a giveaway right now!   Go check her review of the belt out and enter to win one, or grab her 10% off coupon and buy it directly from the good folks at Flipbelt.

Hope you are having a great weekend, and if you raced, ran or worked out, that you had a GREAT one!

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