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Five Songs Friday and a Lock Laces Winner!

Update:   My very first giveway of a pair of Lock Laces is in the books, with Kimberly taking the prize!   Congrats!

So, some friends in real life have asked me, “OK, so do you have a fitness/running blog, or is it a music blog?!?  I can’t tell.”

All right….I will be the first to admit; I post and share *a lot* of music.


In an effort to try to keep my blog’s focus where I originally intended it to be, but still share the awesomeness I find online to add to my workout and general playlists, I am going to try something new this week….it’s a twist on the “Five Things Friday” posts that I often see on the interwebz on the last and very best day of the (official) workweek.

On my little blog, it’s going to be FIVE SONGS FRIDAY!!  This deserves my favorite happy dance….you know what’s coming…..

MC Hammer Crab Dance GIF

First up, “Bulletproof Titanium,” a pop/dance mashup from DJ Earworm from his “Music for Sport” series, a set of custom mixes created for and played throughout the sport event venues during the 2012 London Olympic Games.  I previously posted his “Speed” mashup from the same series.

Tracks mashed up in it are:

David Guetta and Sia – Titanium
La Roux – Bulletproof
Labrinth – Earthquake
Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your best shot
Europe – The Final Countdown

You can download Bulletproof Titanium for free here, or listen for free on Soundcloud below.

Next up, Ellie Goulding‘s cover of alt-J‘s “Tessellate.”

So, so smooth, and Ellie really took this song in a different direction with the different drumbeats, saxophones, etc.   For the sake of comparison to see what she was working with, here’s alt-J‘s original version, with a free download here.  Loving their album “An Awesome Wave”, and excited to see them at Lollapalooza 2013 in Chicago in a couple of months.

Going in a different direction, I’m a big fan of Drake; have been ever since his mixtape days.   Love his new (NSFW, sorry) track featuring the awesome Sampha.   And he’s made it available for a free download here.   Thanks Drizzy 😉    Lyrically though, come on….any guesses who this one is about?

Next, for the Imagine Dragons fans out there; I know there are many of you because I see the radio versions of ID tracks popping up on everyone’s playlist.  For those looking for a new take on “Radioactive” or just who want a slower remix/dubstepish track to add to an “easy pace” playlist (that’s where I stuck this one), check out the Synchronice remix below, also with a free download.

Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite groups of all time — The xx — are in the mix on DJ Panic City‘s remix of “Chained.”   Download link here.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  Assuming the thunder and lightening hold off, I am running a 5k TONIGHT!!!   Fingers crossed and watching the radar.  Recap to come….

Have a great Friday!

4 thoughts on “Five Songs Friday and a Lock Laces Winner!

  1. I have only heard of bulletproof! I am so bad with songs. This is why I need you in my life! Good luck at the 5k. Even if you don’t win I know you’ll have the best playlist!

    • Thank you!! Looks like 5k is on – for now! Hope the storm allows us to run. And I can assure you I WILL NOT win with this speedy local group, but they never know any good tunes and are always asking me for something after the year 1998. LOLZ, but there WAS some good pop back then for sure.

      I am so glad to introduce my friends to new music I find online; makes me happy to bring a little audio enjoyment to the world. Everyone’s got their thing, ya know?

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