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Summertime Fun! Race Recap: “Run for the Rings 5K” and My 4th of July Playlists

It’s summertime! Here in Alabama, this means steamy blacktop with lots of humidity and often more rain than I would like.   We’ve had rain here for a few days and more predicted for tomorrow, the 4th of July.    Keeping my fingers crossed, though — sometimes Mother Nature is an indecisive b*tch and we get a different bit of weather than the weatherman predicted.


Last weekend was a perfect example — throughout the day of the “Run for the Rings” 5K last Friday, I would have guessed (wrongly) that rain, thunder and lightening would have totally washed out the race’s 6:30 pm start.  It was for a fun, celebratory cause:  our local high school won the Alabama State Championship for Track and Field, and race proceeds were being used to buy state championship rings.  But since it was being held so close to home, I got ready and headed up there early enough to register just in case the race volunteers were there setting up.   They were!


Tried to hydrate for most of the day while I worked, and watched what I ate carefully; truthfully, these afternoon/evening races tend to throw me off a bit.  I’ve gotten in a groove of morning long runs and/or races and usually have my routines down when it comes to these, but having a whole day to worry about and multiple meals before an event is just not something I’ve mastered yet.   But, always good to throw in some new curveballs to keep me learning about what to do/what not to do.   Small, local 5Ks are good events for me to try out new things, with less on the line than a training-plan-worthy destination race.   #pippatips  #thankscaptainobvious 😉 

I also put together a new combination to wear (both had been worn separately before); graphite Oiselle Distance Shorts with a “vintage” (aka old) Marika top from their yoga line.   Shorts are awesome for summer runs outside; the tee is going to stay inside from now on or maybe only make appearances on the run in spring or fall.

My handsome Hubs came with me; he’s incredibly supportive of my attempts at becoming a better runner.   And, he was very much OK with taking me to Island Wing Co. after the race (and a quick bathroom cleanup for me) while he looked stylish in his button up and jeans and I was in post-race gear.  He can wear this outfit outside in ANY weather and still look cool as a cucumber.  I REALLY don’t like being the underdressed one, but we live in a college town; I see people out and about in PJ’s (and a lot worse after big party nights/walk of shame mornings).

Here’s my Soundcloud list; lots of these tracks (not all) have a free download link in the upper-right hand corner.   Grab them!

Or check out the Spotify-based one here!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!   See you back on Friday with my next installment of Five Songs Friday.   Til then, stay safe and enjoy your day off if you have one.   If not, then work hard and get that $.

4 thoughts on “Summertime Fun! Race Recap: “Run for the Rings 5K” and My 4th of July Playlists

  1. KONA Ice comes by our neighborhood pool everyday. One day I’ll go get one for Gentry, even though she isn’t even 1… I really mean I’ll get one for me… LOVE AMerican Boy! Totally forgot about that song!
    emma @ a mom runs this town

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