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Product Review: Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Ripped Cream directly from its distributor.  However, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Coffee: we’ve established before that I’m a fan.   Yep, I like all kinds of hot drinks — black and green teas, chai, mulled wine and hot apple cider around the holidays and even plain hot water with lemon!   But King Java reigns supreme to me.

Earlier this year, I started paying attention to — and shortly thereafter, gave up — using artificial powdered creamer in my coffee, which was pretty much the only thing available to add to the “coffee” (blech) at work.   While I have since developed more of a taste for black coffee (especially when it’s made from high quality beans), I still have cravings for “something else” in my coffee now and then, but don’t want to add junk.

I started noticing some reviews of a new product “Ripped Cream” a couple of months ago on several healthy living and running blogs, and my interest was piqued.  No junk + gluten free, lactose free, all natural ingredients + as much protein as in an egg?  Sold!

From the Ripped Cream website, demonstrating the comparison between RC and Coffeemate:


I reached out to the really nice folks at Ripped Cream and was delighted to try out two of their flavors: a multi-serving sample of Lean Vanilla Bean and a smaller size of Chizzled Chocolate.

I’ve been using the Vanilla Bean in several different ways. First up, I tried it “as intended,” straight up in different kinds of plain coffee. I found four things:

(1)  Ripped Cream dissolves better in a hotter beverage; the hotter my drink, the less stirring action necessary…

(2)  Still, stir well. Be sure it’s all dissolved for max beverage enjoyment.

(3)  The nutrition information on the package gives you the details for a two-tablespoon serving, but you may not need all of that for a normal-sized cup.  I like this about the company, because I often find that nutrition info charts skimp on what a normal human would consider a “real” serving size in order to appeal to those who are counting calories, sugar or carbs.   As in all kitchen experiments, don’t be afraid to play with your serving size to figure out what works for you.

(4)  Ripped Cream can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, to co-opt an old southern saying.  “Work coffee” was somewhat improved, but the better the coffee to start with, the better the final product. My advice? Treat yoself!


Seek out good beans, grind them as close to brew time as you can and enjoy with your Ripped Cream.   Then, try to convince your boss to do the same with the office coffee supply, LOL.


I thought I’d try out some “alternative” ways to use the product as well.  My favorite way to use Ripped Cream in my coffee was by making a “latte” – with no milk required! I put some water in my measuring cup and microwaved it; it wasn’t quite boiling but quite hot.


Then, I mixed it with a serving of Ripped Cream and at the same time, used my trusty Aerolatte frother to whip it up.


A delicious latte without having to leave home!

2013-08-08 06.06.02

Not a coffee fan? Ripped Cream also can be used to make a great protein pancake!  I made my version with mashed banana (about 3/4 of one that I had in the freezer; thawed in microwave and well mashed), a package of organic Flax Packs to add some texture, 2 eggs, cinnamon (to taste) and nutmeg (to taste).


You might want to add a bit of liquid stevia or other sweetener depending on what you are craving, or let the sweet taste come through as I did in your toppings.  I topped mine with some buttery spray and a bit of honey!  You could also mix some mashed berries into your batter and/or top your pancake with some, or if you are feeling a bit decadent, make your pancake chocolate-covered-banana style by mixing in some chocolate or carob chips into your batter before cooking.  YUM!

Finally, I used my sample of Chizzled Chocolate Ripped Cream to make a frozen mocha frappé.  I blended the protein with ice, some leftover Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee, a bit of chocolate almond milk (you can use regular cow’s or other milk at your discretion) and 2 frozen half bananas (hint: when your bananas ripen a bit more than you prefer to peel and eat raw, go ahead and peel ’em up, cut them in half, stick in a ziploc bag and freeze – use in smoothies, banana bread, pancakes and muffins!).  Blend it all up and enjoy!



Thanks to Ripped Cream for letting me try out the products!  I found them to be very versatile and will be using them in my coffee and trying out new recipes as well.  If you have any recipes you think might work with Ripped Cream, pass ’em along and I’ll give them a test!

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